Greetings, all!

Linake here with a quick aloha to all my beloved visitors! *huggage* I'm hoping that you enjoy browsing around here! My gallery tends to focus on the Sins of "FMA", Ukitake & Ikkaku from "Bleach", and a steadily-growing collection of "Saiyuki", if you're curious! I do a ton of fanart as well, so my work may be scattered throughout (or you can check out my "Links" page, where you can check out my full gallery at DeviantArt!)
I guess I'm seeing this as sort of an FAQ section, so here goes!

Who IS this crazy woman?
I'm a meteorology student, cel/sketch collector, crack-fanartist, and self-proclaimed "voice actor whore"**
I'm known for being eccentric, sarcastic, a little evil, and a lot perverted at times. XD I love cosplaying (usually as male characters or complete lunatics), drawing, sculpting, and goofing around on the Internet. ^^ I'm also a Gemini, love animals, and enjoy long walks in the park...
(**"whore" meaning "fanatic", in this case)

Where'd the name "Linake" come from?
I've always had a fascination with "exotic" languages. :) "Linake" is actually my name --"Lindsay"-- translated into Hawaiian. :P

So, what's the deal with the layout?
Haha... This is one of the creepiest things I think I've ever drawn. XD
It's based on a fanart that I did a while back centered around Ichigo from "Bleach". For those not familiar with the series, on the left is Ichigo's evil "Hollow" inner-self (generally known to fans as "Hichigo", "Shirosaki", or just "Hollow Ichigo", to name a few nicknames of his). Ichigo himself is in the middle with his gigantic sword, Zangetsu, and his Hollow mask on the right. ^_^
I made two of these as originals, and several prints. The two originals are owned by myself and Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo's dub voice actor! :D)
Anyhow, the first, non-layout version of the fanart pic can be found in my DevArt gallery. :) A friend of mine from DA was kind enough to get my original signed by Johnny, and you can find it in my autographs and Bleach sections here! ^______^

Why did you want a cel/sketch of *insert char here*? *other character* is WAAAAY more popular...
Almost always, my favorite character isn't the main character, or even a "fan-favorite" at all. I prefer production art of these characters because they have a special place in my heart. :) Either I can relate to them, I've cosplayed as them, or I just straight-out love them. XD I'll usually pass up "popular" characters in exchange for a cel or sketch of one of my faves.
For example, I generally have no real interest in collecting sketches of fangirl-favorite characters like Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Sasuke, or Sesshoumaru. Certainly not to say I don't like them, but I'd just prefer to spend my money on my faves, like Greed, Ukitake, or Ikkaku. XD

Not likely. Feel free to ask though! I tend to get very attached to most of my cels/sketches, but there are a select few that I could be talked out of... ^3^
(However, anything with an autograph on it will likely be mine for all eternity.)

Do your cel entries have spoilers?
Some might have small spoilers or a little summary of a scene, but I try to avoid telling how a scene ends or I'll mark large spoilers in the descriptions with bold headers or something. ^_^ I know how agonizing it is to have a total plot bombshell dropped ahead of time, so I try to avoid ruining anyone's day. ^_~

Sure! I LOVE getting feedback about my gallery! Let me know what you like (and what needs to be fixed!) Don't hesitate to make suggestions either, I don't bite! ^^

Can I use your sketch of *insert char here*?
What?? No way! (Well, I shouldn't say that. It depends on what you want it for. For example, I'll allow you to use my settei scans for fanart reference, or something.) "Borrowing" the sketch for a fancel or to post in your own gallery (._o?) are huge no-nos! (Why would you post it in your own gallery anyway? Claiming it doesn't make it yours, plus I've actually got the originals...9.9;) Anyhow, such scenarios as these will likely result in me sending Ikkaku to wail on you.

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