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AZ '06 (1)
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Added 5/30/2006
Updated 1/31/2008
Animazement 2006

Cute autographs from Chris Cason (omg, adorable), Keiko Han (uber-adorable! ^3^ She was Luna from "Sailor Moon"! <3), the bottom-right one I think is Yuki Ito (Magi Ranger Green from "Magi Ranger"/"Power Rangers" ^^)

(My friend, Ramia --aka, Julia-- got Chris Cason's autograph on a page from my small sketchbook, like this one. Her page was still in the book when Chris signed it, and he drew a little black chomp mark like Gluttony had bitten the corner out of the page! :D
I still have the page in my book that was under it with the bleed-through marks. X3)

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Curator: Linake
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