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FMA: Chris Patton & Vic Mignogna-- Greed vs Ed -- "That Fateful Night" Autograph!!
Source: TV
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Oversize, 14W x 11H

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Added 11/20/2006
Updated 3/12/2009

(Really. There ARE no words to express how mindlessly excited I am about this! :3)

Chris Patton is...well...let's face it. My voice-actor-IDOL, quite frankly. XD And for the vast majority of 2006, I was dying to get a this poster signed by him!
Anyhow, when I finally got to meet him, I set it down on the table for him to sign --tossed it down, really, since my hands were shaking so bad-- and he said "Oh I LOVE this picture!" (which, to me, sounded like maybe he'd seen it online before? OwO *uber-flattered at the very thought*).....so I happily yanked another poster of it out of my portfolio and gave him one. ^_^

Upon meeting Mr. Mignogna in 07, almost a year later, he seemed to enjoy the pic equally as much! ^^ Which, of course, I was more than happy to give him one as well!

This one's currently framed and hanging in a place of honor on my wall. ^3^

"That Fateful Night" by Linake ^^

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