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Saiyuki autograph: ENTIRE CAST!...kinda. *lmao* (Greg Ayres!)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Oversize, 16W x 12H

Copy Unmatching Background

Added 2/5/2007
Updated 1/11/2009
I kid you not. Autographs just don't get any better than THIS. ^_________^

I love Greg. I really do. XD

I figured that Mr. Ayres would say something about Goku's....er.... positioning in this fancel. And I was right. XD (If I recall, it was something like "It looks like something's going on here that's not really going on...^^;")
Oh well. It's made from one of my genga sets, so I can blame the animators for it. *lol*

In case you can't read the writing --sorry for the blurry photo ^^;;-- here's the dialogue that he wrote in... XD
Hakkai: I wish these guys would take a taxi!
Gojyo: Take it Monkey! (omg... XD)
Goku: You call that a meal??
Sanzo: You two shut up
...and of course...
You guys rule -- Greg Ayres XD


(made from 9 bloody individual douga sketch leyers from my "ENOUGH with you and your @#*$!-ing HAPPY PLACE!!" sketch set, and set on a scanned/copied print of my Saiyuki "Get your OWN beer, JERK-OFF!!" production background! ^^)

Fancel painted by Linake ^^

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Curator: Linake
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