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FLCL: Haruhara Haruko (Kari Wahlgren!)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: n/a
Oversize, 9W x 12H

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Added 6/10/2007
Updated 2/14/2010
Animazement 2007

"Takuuuuuuuuun....come out, come out, wherever you are... XD"

This was hysterical. XD I announced in a DevArt journal that Ms Wahlgren was going to be at Animazement, and my dear friend DAS posted a comment of jealous shock and called me a nasty name. XDDDD It was great.
however, courtesy of the residual effects of a wonderful little flu virus, I got knocked out of going to Animazement '07. =_=;; Luckily, my boyfriend-at-the-time stepped in and got me a few AWESOME autographs in my absence. :)

During the 2 weeks worth of nights when I was only getting a half hour of sleep a night due to coughing, I stayed up and worked on these fanarts (also did ones of Winry from "FMA" and Kiba from "Naruto" XD), doing 2 of each character. :3 That way, I could go into secondhand-fangirl-mode and annoy the everloving crap out of Thomas by saying "Get one signed for me, and give them one too! 8D"

I'm glad she enjoyed how Haruko turned out! ^_____^ It was my first shot at drawing her, and she was DEFINITELY a challenge! ^^ Between that little Vespa and the guitar, I nearly went crazy! XD;;;;;
(The little 'Takun' cat was ungodly fun to draw, though. X3 *snicker*)

Fanart by Linake ^^

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Curator: Linake
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