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Bleach: '...five humans....and an ANIMAL....?'
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 61
Cel Number: AX, A1-28 B1-16
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Added 1/4/2008
Updated 3/2/2009

Hahahaaaaa, I'm so giddy over these. XD

I've been wanting a sketch [set] of Ikkaku in one of his goofier moments for AGES. :3 This particular set covers 4 cuts from near the end of episode 27, and they have some of the most hysterical expressions I've EVER seen in genga sketches. *roflsnort*

(animated versions at the bottom of the description!! I merged animations for cuts 316 and 318 in the first thumbnail, and the second thumbnail is cut 322 animated)

Slight Spoiler--
For those who don't know, this comes from a scene right after Ichigo defeats Ikkaku. Ikkaku has a huge wound that just stopped bleeding.
Ichigo wants to know where Rukia is, and Ikkaku tells him. Ikkaku --still lying on the ground-- asks how many people Ichigo has in his "rescue party", thinking that he must have a small army with him. Ichigo tells him there's only 5 people and one animal, a cat.
Ikkaku reopens his wound from laughing so hard.

Sketch set contains 1 timesheet (for cut 322), 1 rough sketch, 14 genga, 1 correction sketch, and 44 douga!

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