Bleach: Season 3 (eps 42-63)

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Ep 48-- 'Don't worry, I won't get in the way of your training...'
Source: TV
Layers: 4
Sketches: 27
Cel Number: A1-8, B1-15, C1, D1-
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Added 5/10/2008
Updated 11/2/2011
GOD, I love the smirk. XD

Anyhow, this sketch set is where Renji party-crashes Ichigo's Bankai training to do some training of his own.

It's so hard to find a sketch of Zabimaru in his materialized form (even if it is just the tail and part of his back. XD), I was so thrilled to win this set!

As usual, the purdy little animated version is below. :3
(there's also an 8-page sketch sequence of dust rising around them, but I didn't scan/animate those for the sake of simplicity.)

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