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Bleach: 'Honor would never let me stand by and watch you die...'
Source: TV
Layers: 4
Sketches: 53
Cel Number: A1-6, AF1-9, B1-19
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Key Cel
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Added 6/20/2008

Fine. I abridged the title-quote...but you get the point, right? XD

Anyhow, this is a BEAUTIFUL set of sketches from ep 42 of Ukitake (and his purdy hair, blowing in the wind... *fangirly sigh*) turning to explain to Hanatarou that he appreciated him and Ganju trying to save one of his division members (Rukia).

He tells him that, because of his strong sense of honor, he couldn't let them die.


Set contains 52 sketches (4 layouts, 8 genga, 9 correction sketches, and 31 douga) and a nice studio folder. ^^
Honestly, this set has some of the most gorgeous shuusei/correction sketches I've ever come across... *_* I've included a scan of the best one below, along with the animated douga. (I left out his mouth animation, though, because....well...GOD, it's just so pretty as it is. |D)

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