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Bleach: Grimmjow, Nnoitora, Szayel-Aporro, & Halibel (David Vincent, Michael Sinterniklaas, Ben Diskin, & Laura Bailey!)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: n/a
Oversize, 12W x 9H

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Added 11/25/2009
Updated 9/17/2013
A now-signed version of my original Espada fanart, special thanks to David Vincent, Grimm-kitty's dub voice actor, Mike Sinterniklaas who voiced Nnoitora, Ben Diskin who voiced Szayel, and Laura Bailey who voiced Halibel!! ^_^

I'd mailed the artwork to Mr. Vincent for the autograph, and he currently has a print of the pic in his possession and autographed the original for me! ^^ He even included a kind little letter with the autograph! (I love his handwriting... :D)

The signatures are really small on this tiny 530px-wide image, so here's what they say--
"Amazing art Lindsay!!! --David Vincent 'Grimmjow'"
"Thank you soooooo much for the bobble! :) --Michael Sinterniklaas"
"Oh, Lindsay! You're such a marvelous test subject artist! --Ben Diskin 'Szayel Aporro Granz'"
"You're amazing! Thank you! --Laura Bailey 'Halibel'"

(If you're wondering about the "bobble" that Mr. Sinterniklaas mentioned, it's because I'd just given him a little bobblehead figurine of Nnoitora as a gift. :P)

Mr. Vincent said he wanted to make the signature pretty light, so that the artwork was still visible. ^^ When I met Mr. Sinterniklaas & Ms Bailey, I brought a ballpoint pen along so that they could do the same if they wanted. :)
Eventually, I'd like to get all of the Espada voice actors/actresses to sign it. :) *crosses fingers*

Thanks so much, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Sinterniklaas, Mr. Diskin, & Ms Bailey! ^_______^

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