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FullMetal Alchemist: Edward & Alphonse Elric (Vic Mignogna & Maxey Whitehead!)
Source: TV
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Added 1/11/2011
Updated 7/7/2011
IchibanCon 2011

I bought a pencilboard set a couple years ago which represented scenes from the manga, but done in an animated style (they aren't from the original animated series of FMA, which is only noticable if you see the Envy one, and the shitajiki set was released long before Brotherhood.)

Anyway, with Vic & Maxey at the con, I figured it'd be good to get signed. ^^ Though I've never met Aaron Dismuke (who voiced Alphonse from the original series), Maxey is Al in the Brotherhood series. :)

(I'd just given Vic 2 new bobbleheads, so it seems he was still quite excited. *lol*)

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