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Code Geass R2: Luciano Bradley (Vic Mignogna!) (3)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: n/a
Oversize, 16.5W x 11.5H

No Background

Added 10/16/2012
Updated 10/16/2012
Banzaikon 2012

I'd been hunting this poster of some of the Knights of the Round ever since I saw it on eBay about a year ago, but recently couldn't find the medium-sized poster again (could only find a pencilboard and a HUGE poster). Luckily, I scored it in the dealer's room and was able to get dear Vic to sign it (complete with little "Vvp! Zwip!" sound effects as he drew the arrow to Luciano. XD) on the last day of the con. :)
Since I'd just given him a little handmade bobblehead of Luciano, I figured it'd be appropriate. :p

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