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Red Eyes Metal Dragon *NFS*
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1 & A2
Standard size
Eyecatch Cel

End Cel
No Background

Added 12/30/2004
Updated 3/31/2006
Yah, I know, just his chest... but I love 'em! :D And they're absolutely gorgeous genga/douga! :3

R.E. Metal just showed up in 2 or 3 eps so far, so I had to snag these! (Plus Red Eyes is one of my absolute favorite Duel Monsters! ^^)
Anyhow, A1 is regular Red Eyes' chest, A2 is RE Metal, so obviously these sketches are from the transformation sequence between the two! (Woo-hoo!), which was used in episode 161 where Jou dueled Rex Raptor/Dino Ryuuzaki by the train!

Set includes 2 genga, 2 douga, 2 preliminary sketches, 2 layout sketches, 4 outlines, a time sheet, and a purty studio folder... :3

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Curator: Linake
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