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Proud to be the owner of the biggest collection of Homunculus sketches and FMA voice actor autographs on RS...*lol*

I'm always searching for sketches of the Sins (especially Greed or Envy), so if anyone knows of one for sale, PLEASE TELL ME!!! TT_TT;;

To simplify my FMA section, I've listed the new arrivals first ('2 weeks and younger'), then the ones that I know the episode number, then the ones that I DON'T know. XD

 Ep 10-- 'Brother! You CHEATER!!'

 Ep 10-- The Phantom Thief

 Ep 12-- The stone!!

 Ep 12-- WHA--?

 Ep 12-- ...let's not be hasty now... ^^;;;;

 Ep 13-- 'Very well done, a good fight!'
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