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A foul-mouthed, gun-toting priest.
A perpetually-starving 500-year-old teenage monkey.
A perverted, hydrophobic water sprite.
A soft-spoken demon who tries to play referee.

What do they have in common?
Not a darned thing. That's the point. XD

(This section has ONLY Gensomaden sketches/sets. Shown here are sketches with more than one character, or characters that I don't have enough sketches to give them their own section yet.
Sketches are listed first, then voice-actor autographs. ^w^)

 ' seems I have the Joker...^_^'

 'ENOUGH with you and your @#*$!-ing HAPPY PLACE!!'

 Cutest extreme-closeups...EVER.

 Sanzo seems so motherly... ^^

 Finally got his attention!

 You dropped the COOLER in the RIVER?! (Goku: But it had all the FOOOOOD!!! TT3TT)
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Curator: Linake
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