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Due to the growing number of FMA VA autographs I'm getting these days, I've given these wonderful guys & ladies their own section! :)
They deserve it after putting up with me for a con-weekend. XD

(New ones are listed first for a while, then the others are listed in the order that I got them. Also, be sure to check out the individual listings, most of them have funny little stories --mostly of me making a total idiot of myself in front of the actors-- attached to them! :D)

 Vic Mignogna--"Ed Elric" Autograph!!

 Sonny Strait-- "Maes Hughes" Autograph!!

 Laura Bailey-- "Lust" Autograph!!

 Greg Ayres-- "Bido the Lizard-Man Chimera" Autograph!!

 Jerry Jewell-- "Barry the Chopper" Autograph!!

 Mike McFarland-- "Havoc" Autograph!!
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