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Cel/Sketch Autographs.....thoughts? :)
last modified: Monday, June 02, 2008 (3:58:57 AM CST)
(On vacation on the other side of the country at the moment, so my internet access is a bit limited at the moment =w=;; )

Anyhow, I've recently gotten some cels & sketches signed by the character's voice actors (dub, mostly), and I was wondering what you guys think. :)

Do you think that getting a cel/sketch signed INCREASES the value, or DECREASES it?

(Just curious as to what others think...I'll probably never let go of a signed cel because of the sentimental value, but I'm just wanting to get some opinions on the idea. ^^)

Later! :D

....Besides, it's always fun to see the actors' reaction to them. XD I thought I was going to have to PRY my Requiem douga from Greg Ayres... <3
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