Ah yes, the list of what I'll give up a kidney for... XP

Depending on the "wish-ness severity", you can have anything from my money to a cel/genga trade to up to 3 YEARS of free, unlimited fanart commissions!!! :3

(For trades, you'll just have to ask me, but I'm very attached to my cels, so it's not likely I'll give them up! ^^;; The only way I'll consider is if you have something that's very high up on my Wishlist! ^^ Never hurts to ask though, I don't bite....much...>w>)

Two asterisks (**) before the entry means that I've found one, but by no means does that mean that I don't want another! :D *greedy*

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
#1 -- Bleach -- 'Sogyo no Kotowari' spirits Will Give Kidney
#2 -- Bleach -- Ikkaku's Bankai Will Give Kidney
#3 -- Bleach -- Szayel (either form, but preferably released)or Ilforte Granz (preferably non-released :P) Will Give Kidney
#4 -- Bleach -- Captain Ukitake Will Give Kidney
#5 -- FMA -- Greed, Dorochet, Barry the Chopper Will Give Kidney
Ah! My Goddess
Not likely that I'll find one in my price range, but I'm always hunting for a cel from the "AMG" OVA of Urd, especially of her wearing her goddess dress from her first episode! ^^ (the long blue one with the tiger-striped trim around the neck) Medium
**-- Ukitake. ANY sketch of Ukitake. (especially a shot of him smiling, or just generally looking cute. :P) Will Give Kidney
Ikkaku. Bankai. ... 'Nuff said. :3 Will Give Kidney
Ukitake's manifested zanpakuto spirits, the "Sogyo no Kotowari" twins. :) Kidney, arm, leg, soul...whatever you want. XD Will Give Kidney
**-- Ikkaku during one of his goofy moments. XD Very High
**-- Ilforte. ^_^ Short-lived character, sadly, but I really want a sketch of him. ^^ Preferably a sketch of him in his human-ish form, since I already have one of his Del Toro form... Very High
Szayel's released form. XD Yes, I've lost my mind. (BONUS $$$ if he's making a fun expression, or if you can see one of his "voodoo" dolls! :D) Very High
Ukitake (or Ikkaku) from the "Bleach at the Beach" episode. XD I'd prefer a mostly full-body shot of Uki, like the screencap, but I'll pretty much take what I can get. :P Very High
I'd eventually like to get ahold of a good genga/douga of Szayel-Aporro Grantz....(especially shirtless. I don't know why, but I want a shirtless sketch of him. ._.) High
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
**-- Good cels of Priss, especially of her singing! :3 Medium
FullMetal Alchemist
**-- Dorochet sketches are my #2 highest priority! (I would just die of happiness if I could get the sequence in the sample pic, the scene where Al clocks him in the head in Dante's kitchen ^^;;) Will Give Kidney
Call me nuts, but I'd LOVE to find a genga/douga of Barry the Chopper! (Preferrably in his "Lab 5 guardian/Prisoner #66" form, & bonus points if he's making some crazy facial expression!!) Will Give Kidney
I know it ain't gonna happen (even MY luck's not this good), but I'd fork over almost any sketch/cel(s) in my collection for the hanken used to make this card design! Will Give Kidney
**-- Bido (aka, the Lizard-Man)! What can I say? I love the spazzy, obscure characters... *lol* Very High
**-- Greed! Especially a sketch of him when he fought Envy on the island, one of him in Lab 5, or any sequence in the "Devil's Nest" (basement or bar)!! :D Very High
**-- Envy!! I'm always trying to find sketches of Envy, preferrably from the first half of the series. High
**-- IZUMI!! I came across one a while back, but I let it slip through my fingers...and I've been kicking myself ever since... v.v;; High
Anybody know of a funny (and reasonably priced) Hughes sketch? <:3 High
Of course, like any genga-collecting FMA fan, I want a sketch of Ed making one of his spazzy facial expressions!! ^_^ High
I'd love to find a sketch of Paninya! She was just so adorable... ^^ Medium
As per most Inu fans, I would love a cel of Miroku attacking with his Wind Tunnel (can't remember the Japanese term...kaza-something...*shrug*) Medium
I really want to find a cel of the Panther demons, particularly Touran (I probably spelled that wrong, but she's the one in the sample pic) Medium
I'd like to find a cel of Enju, who created the army of clay soldiers after Urasue resurrected her (She has dark red spiky hair with red highlights and sharply-edged red eyes) Low
Sailor Moon
As per more of my insanity, I'm always on the lookout for the Amazon Trio sitting at the bar...^^ Low
I will do next-to-anything for a cel of Naga from this sequence from the Slayers movie! o.o GIMME!! Will Give Kidney
I'm just dying to find a cel of Lina casting a spell!! X_x;; (particularly a dramatic one, like the sample pic, and hopefully one from one of the later seasons or the movie) High
**-- ANYTHING of Lina with a crazy look on her face...! Medium
Tenchi Muyo
**-- Cels of Nagi! ^^ (I'm especially wanting ones with her hair, eyes, and/or her purple & black bodysuit visible!) High
**-- Always on the lookout for a good Kiyone! ^^ Medium
**-- Always on the lookout for a good Ryoko! I really love the ones of her in her red & black battle-suit! (This isn't quite the battlesuit I'm talking about, but it's close...^^;;) Medium
Wolf's Rain
Any (reasonably-priced) genga/douga of Blue! (either in wolf or human form) Medium
Any good-priced genga/douga of Kiba or Tsume! (either wolf or human form) Medium
Any sketches of Ihk (the quirky little Native American guy)! XD He's so adorable!! ^_^ Medium
ACK!! I would just die and go to heaven if I found a sketch of Mako/Kajiki tormenting Weevil/Haga!! *.* Will Give Kidney
ANY SKETCHES OF MAKO/KAJIKI!!!!... $$$ is not an issue!! GIMME!! I'll sell you my left hand! (Can't do the right hand though, I'm a fanartist... ^^;;) Will Give Kidney
Most-desired YGO-Wishlist Item #2! I want any genga/douga of him with the little squid crawling around on his hair... XD Will Give Kidney
My #1 YGO wishlist item!! A genga/douga of Kajiki/Mako of this exact frame! *begs* Will Give Kidney
**-- I would LOVE a genga of Honda & Otogi bickering... *.* (or, even better, another one of them sleeping together, especially during the BC finals... ^^) High

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